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Why printed photographs are so important

Wedding Album

A gorgeous Italian Wedding Album

A true love story never ends

Mr White and Simba

Printed Photographs

​Today I’d like to share a little story with you which really hits home and tells us why printing your photographs are so important.

I received a phone call from a previous client who was notably upset. Mr White told me of the passing of his beloved dog, Simba. I remembered them very well from a set of mini photoshoots I’d done the previous year. Throughout the photoshoot they were very close, and you could really see the bond between them both. During the call Mr White was telling me how much Simba had meant to him and how his home was now empty without him. It was at this point that Mr White broke down and to be completely honest, I had a lump in my throat too.

The reason for the call was to check to see if I still had the photos I had captured of Simba. Needless to say I did have them and arranged a beautiful set of printed images for him of his beloved friend.

Printed Photographs

The value of prints

​I really do believe that printed photographs have life, they immortalise a moment in time, quite often valued moments.
Printed Photographs are family heirlooms; they start conversations, bring people closer and elicit emotion. A set of photos has the ability to tell stories. All of those photographs stored in an album on your phone are just temporary, unless you spend some considerable time organising them into folders. They become lost or extremely hard to find, and what happens if you lose that phone or get a new one? Yes, there may be online backup, but how many people actually know how to use these services.

Printed Photographs

A beautiful Italian print box

“When you make a print, you are creating a physical memory. You can’t hang a digital file on the wall.”

Paul Swift

Digital photos are nothing more than just temporary storage

Whilst we live in a digital world and store all our images and important documents on our phones, tablets and computers, it’s important to remember that the devices, the CD’s and Pen drives we use can become broken or lost – even stolen. By all means have your images stored on these devices as backups and I highly recommend storing them in the cloud, something like Dropbox is great, but this isn’t totally reliable.



Technology changes all of the time


Free your photos

My suggestion would be to get those photos off your phone and hard drive! Our children are currently the most photographed generation, but also have the fewest printed photos to show for it. One idea you could use is to create memory books from your prints. However, one piece of advice would be, please, please, please, use a professional printing lab. Whilst Max Speilman, Boots or the supermarkets as well as those online labs offering free prints may appear good value, their photos will fade and the colours can be off causing the pictures to look cheap.

You’ve spent good money on a professional photographer so why not use their expertise and have something beautiful to show for it.



Printed Photographs

Stunning Italian wall art

The reason I offer printed products

I believe in printed photos, and this is why I offer them to my clients. Prints last lifetimes, they’re family heirlooms which will be passed down from generation to generation.
Try asking a couple who’ve been married for a few years now, who had their wedding recorded on VHS (I bet a few reading this don’t know what VHS is) and you’ll see the pitfall of advancing technology. Even the DVD’s and CD’s we were using just a couple of years ago are becoming useless as many people now don’t have the means to play them. Whilst many couples will have planned to transfer those images from CD’s to something more modern, many never get round to it.

Please don’t let that be you.


If there is one thing that is certain, your prints will last more than a lifetime; your memories are preserved no matter how much things may change technologically. Have your photos beautifully framed, mounted as a canvas or in stunning acrylics to give you original artwork that will look amazing and make you feel good every time you look at them.



Printed Photographs

Exquisite British framed wall art

What can you expect from Paul Swift Photography?

One of my main priorities is to back up and then back up again. Your images are stored locally on my drive as well as in online storage, and of course they are uploaded to a personal gallery page especially for you to view and order from. This is all extremely important. I keep your images stored for 1 year and then archive them in order to preserve your memories. I offer a guaranteed safe storage service for 10 years which incurs a small fee, but it is well worth it for peace of mind.

All of my products are from top labs either here in the UK or from Italy. All are top quality and WILL LAST. This isn’t just some marketing bullshit. It’s important! The cheapo canvas prints I have seen (and sadly ordered in the past before I knew anything about photography) are okay for a time. However, the colours don’t turn out right and the canvas either begins to sag or peel off the frame. They will not last!

This is why most of my packages include 25 prints of your choice. These are all printed on professional photo paper of the highest quality and long-lasting print by a top professional photo lab.
Your memories are important to me and by including printed photographs in your package, it gives you something to value and hold dear for the rest of your life.


Printed Photographs

Simply top quality British prints

“A picture is worth a thousand words; A beautifully framed print many times more.”

Paul Swift

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