wedding venue - Eaves Hall

Historic wedding venue – Eaves Hall

wedding venue - Ferraris Country House

Elegant wedding venue – Ferraris

wedding venue - Wyrebank

Alternative wedding venue – Wyrebank

Visiting a wedding venue for the first time; what should you ask?

Wedding Venue Advice

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Following on from my previous post all about choosing you wedding venue, here is the next instalment I promised. Wedding venue advice: Questions to take with you when you visit!

Take along a list and just scribble down the answers as you go along. This way, 1) you’ll get all the information you wanted and 2) You’ll have a consistent list of answers to compare between the venues. This is going to make the pros and cons so much easier when it comes to making that all important decision.

To give you a helping hand I have compiled a list for you that covers lots of different aspects of wedding venue advice. However, before you begin there are two primary questions you need answering before you make an appointment.

  1. Does the venue have enough capacity to accommodate your guest list (though you may not have this sorted, an approx. figure will be a good guide)
  2. Do they have your chosen date free?
Wedding venue advice - Bagden Hall

Historic wedding venue

Bagden Hall

After these basic questions, these are going to be a lot of issues to iron out; some big some small. My list is designed to give you a wide overview of the kind of things you really should ask. It’s going to help stop any surprises later on. Remember, though, keep notes of all the answers especially if you are visiting multiple venues.

General questions.

  • Who will be there on your special day to look after you? Is there a coordinator, master of ceremonies and how long are they with you for?
  • Will there be only one wedding per day?
  • Would the venue be exclusive to you or can it be?
    • ⋅→ If by arrangement it can, how many guests will you need to book accommodation to make it exclusive?
  • How flexible are the packages?
  • Are there any plans to change how the venue will look before your wedding (decorating, renovating etc.)?

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  • Is there more than one room licensed for ceremonies?
  • Will the ceremony take place in the same room as the reception?
    • ⋅ → Is there a changeover plan if so?

Food and drinks.

  • Do they offer a complimentary menu and wine tasting?
    • ⋅ → If so, how many can attend?
  • How much wine / champagne and tea / coffee is included per person?
  • What are the wine choices and what are the upgrade costs?
  • Is the champagne toast complimentary?
  • Is there a special menu for special dietary requirements? Vegan, Vegetarian for example.


The reception – decoration and styling.

  • What tables do they have? Ask about the shape, size and the top table.
  • Will you be able to bring in your own venue stylist or do you have to use one of their preferred suppliers?
    • ⋅ → If so would you be able to do this the day before?
  • Do you have microphones for the speeches?
  • Can you plug in your iPod or a laptop to the sound system?

The after party.

  • Where do the DJ / Band or both set up?
  • How big is the dancefloor?
  • Is there a late bar? What time does it close?
  • Is there a possibility of a bar extension?
  • What time do your guests have to leave the venue by?



  • Will the bridal suite be included in the price?
  • Are rooms provided for your parents?
  • Are there discounted rates for your guests?
  • How many guests can they accommodate?
  • Are there other hotels or B&B’s in the area for guests? Do they have a preferred list?
  • When is check out time?


Private venues

  • Can you have a marquee in the grounds? What capacity will fit?
    • ⋅→ If so, do they have a preferred supplier or can your find own?
  • Do they have any preferred suppliers or do they have in-house catering?



  • Can you get ready at the venue? Can you and your bridal party stay the night before?
  • Is the venue child-friendly?
  • What access is there for elderly / disabled?
  • Is there ample parking and is it complimentary?
  • Do they have a secure space to hold your wedding gifts?
  • Do they have public liability insurance?



  • Do they offer a payment schedule?
  • What deposit do they require?
  • Do they have a cancellation policy?
  • Will there be any costs if the actual number of guests varies to the final agreement?

So, that’s all my wedding venue advice and questions to ask. In my next article, I will share advice on choosing your wedding dress – ‘The One’

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