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Wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment – Band

Wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment – Singer

Wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment – Band

Choosing your wedding entertainment

“I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything”

F Scott Fitzgerald


While we all know that your wedding is all about the showing your family and friends the love and commitment you have for each other (not forgetting how good you look in that frock), it’s easy to forget that you are a host and hostess. You have a responsibility to throw a party to remember, let your guests have a great time. From the serious ceremony to your fabulous reception, comes the wedding entertainment. This is the part where you want everyone to let their hair down and have fun.

I’m often asked by brides this question; Band or DJ? And while ultimately I can’t answer that for you I can advise. I always say DJ’s make a great choice, because for one thing they are much less expensive than live entertainment. You can customise the playlist and a well-chosen DJ may be perfect for your wedding. Don’t just book one over the phone and definitely not on the internet. Go and see them, make sure you like their style and personality. Have a conversation with them about your needs and wishes for your wedding, include the DJ’s wardrobe. Ask if you are able to watch them live and listen to them mix and spin the music. Discuss your favourite styles of music; though a variety should be played throughout the evening so to keep all your guests entertained. Be clear about what you like and dislike and develop a list of songs that you must have. Also make sure they will take requests throughout the night.

Wedding venue - Cranage Hall

First dance

DJ Andy Richardson

Ask about your first dance. Do you want the full song for just the two of you and guests to be invited to join you on a second song or once half way through your first dance to join you? It’s your choice, do it how you want.

Whether its Rock, pop, a 20 piece or 4 piece ensemble, live music has an unrivalled ability to stir the senses and souls of even the most hardened chair sitters! It’s pretty easy to know your favourite type of music, but think about will it set the mood you want?

“All I wanna do is grow old with you”

Adam Sandler – The Wedding Singer

Get references from other couples. As with the DJ, see if you can go and hear them live; a CD or video on YouTube is not enough. Choose a playlist with your band, as well as a do not play; YMCA springs to mind. Make sure your venue have enough electrical power to accommodate your band, the last thing you want is a blackout half way through the set.

Make sure the band leader has your wedding timeline (this should be drawn up with your photographer) and then meet a week or two before to discuss it. Do ask them for a list of their requirements. They will need a break, make sure they have somewhere to go.

Try not to have the band positioned too far from the dancefloor. They need to be close to the guests to keep the energy in the room.

Hire a professional band that allows you to be contractually protected and that you know will be prepared to perform proficiently.

That’s my advice on the DJ or the live entertainment question, but my best advice is have both; if you can!

Wedding Entertainment - DJ Andy Richardson
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment

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