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Wedding Albums By Paul Swift Photography

‘Your Wedding Album’

Wedding Album

A beautifully presented wedding album is a wonderful way to treasure your wedding day memories. There’s just something special about the feel of your wedding album in your hands, turning the pages of your memories and the way an expertly printed image looks on the page. After your wedding day is over, your dress is dry cleaned and hung away and all your little keepsakes are stored in a box it’s nice to be able to pick up your treasured album and revisit the best day of your life.

There’s no better way to have your day preserved for years to come –  another chance to relive your day, this time with something really special; your very first family heirloom.

Your wedding album – here are the details.

Each album is handcrafted in Italy by world-renowned Graphi Studio and includes 40 photos over 30 pages* and you can choose between a 30 x 20 album in landscape or portrait, or a 25 x 25 square format. *There are two pages to a spread, which is what you see when the album is open.

You have lots of options to customise and personalise your album, however, for now, you don’t have to worry about these details – you haven’t even had your wedding yet lol 🤣

From experience, I know that a lot of people worry about how they are going to choose photos for their album. Right now, let me say don’t worry about this.

Firstly, you can have as many photos as you choose in your album. The first 40 are included, and you can upgrade your album to add more.

Secondly, I will help you as much as you want in choosing the images for your album, even if that means deciding which images not to include!

The important thing to keep in mind is that your album is about telling the story of your wedding day. Family photos belong on the wall or the mantlepiece, which is why I include 20 beautifully printed photos for this.

When it’s time to choose for your album, I’ll send you a link to a gallery and ask you to make a selection. Don’t overthink it, just go with your gut instinct and pick what you’d like. You’ll pick too many and that’s what everyone does! I am going to help you whittle them down to the number of photos that you want to include in your album.

At this point, you can decide whether or not you want to treat yourself and upgrade your album to include more photos or if you would like to stick with your original album size.

Either way, I will help you make the right decision for you (with no pressure to add more photos) and to make sure that your choice of photos (no matter how many) beautifully tells the story of your wedding day.



Wedding Album From Lancashire Wedding

Preserving your memories

Yes, it’s a little difficult to believe you could forget moments from your special day but the truth is memories fade over time. Whilst the memories and emotions you felt whilst you said your vows will remain, you will forget those other moments that made your wedding day unique. With your wedding album, you can relive your day as you remember the emotions, the forgotten little moments, from the fragrance of your beautiful bouquet to the taste of your wedding cake and precious events like your niece kissing you on the cheek.

Wedding Album From Broadoaks Country House

Digital copies can be lost

Whilst we live in a digital world and store all our images and important documents on our phones, tablets and computers, it’s important to remember that the devices, the CD’s and Pen drives we use can become broken or lost – even stolen. By all means have your images stored on these devices as backups and I highly recommend storing them in the cloud, something like Dropbox is great, but this isn’t totally reliable.

Wedding Album From Preston Marriott Hotel

Technology changes all the time

Try asking a couple who’ve been married for a few years now, who had their wedding recorded on VHS and you’ll see the pitfall of advancing technology.

Even the DVD’s and CD’s we were using just a couple of years ago are becoming useless as many people now don’t have the means to play them.

Whilst many couples will have planned to transfer those images from CD’s to something more modern, many never get round to it.

Please don’t let that be you.

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that the wedding album has been around for a long time. By having a wedding album, you can be sure your memories are preserved no matter how much things may change technologically.

Wedding Album From Broadoaks Country House

Personalising your wedding album

One of the great things about your wedding album is that it can be made personal to you. There are leathers, linens, touch, acrylic and more to choose from, they make a big difference in how your images are presented. Some can be personalised with a favourite image on the cover or your shared name and special date. Colours can be matched to the ones you chose for your special day to finish it off.

Wedding Album From Mitton Hall

Your wedding album is a storybook

When you or your family and friends are going through your album they will enjoy the story of your wedding day. Framed images and snapshots provide a glimpse into a specific moment, however an album provides a complete view of your special day from the start until the end.


Wedding Album From The Glass Hous

Your family heirloom

Wedding albums are an essential record of a family’s history. Nowhere else can someone find so many authentic images of relatives engaged in a day full of happiness, fun and romance. With your album you’re contributing to your family history which your future grandchildren and their children are going to love looking at.


Wedding Album From Abbey House

Family Albums

Also available now are smaller versions of your album; parents albums. Many parents love to receive their very own album of their son or daughter’s wedding day.

They love being able to pick up their own album to look through time and time again.

However, that’s not all, smaller copies to accompany the parent’s albums are also available. These are ideal presents for bridesmaids etc. and fit in your handbag too!



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A few questions answered by Lorri and Dave:

Q. How and where have you used your Wedding Album?

A. Used our album to show friends and family. Due to the beautiful box, it is proudly displayed in our lounge on the mantelpiece.


Q. Have there been any moments, in particular, you were glad you had the album created?

A. Yes because it can be displayed and not have to be put away and forgotten about.


Q. Has there been anything unexpected about how you enjoy/use your photos or album day to day?

A. As it is displayed, at times we catch a glimpse when unexpected and this prompts us to stop and take another look through.

Lorri and Dave

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