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How To Enjoy An Unplugged Wedding:

No Phones!


There’s a new and growing wedding trend, unplugged – here’s how to get your guests to embrace it.


Trends come and go, and though this one has been around for a couple of years now, it’s really starting to gain momentum and I think this one is here to stay:


Unplugged weddings.

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It’s all about you, but more so about getting your guests to totally embrace your wedding day.

This is all about leaving the technology (phones, tablets etc.) switched off, or at least in their pockets or handbags and it’s a trend that I am totally behind!

All too often I’m at the back of the ceremony and all I can see are screens lit up or for the bride and groom to be walking down the aisle towards me and all of a sudden an iPad will come out in front of them and ruin one of the must-have photographs of your wedding day, an image that had been perfectly timed to capture the moment forever.

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Do you love this idea? Well, here’s a few simple ideas to incorporate it into your wedding day.


How to Enjoy a Technology-Free or ‘Unplugged’ Wedding


In reality asking your family and friends to go technology free for your whole day just isn’t going to work, however, it is reasonable to ask them to switch off for the ceremony. So, here are some simple ways to get this message out.

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  • Invites
    • Include a polite message in your invites that you would appreciate a camera, phone, and iPad free ceremony


  • Wedding program
    • If you’re creating a wedding program include the message again.


  • Signs and chalkboards.
    • Chalkboards and signs are easily the best way to communicate this on the day. Encourage your guests to stop sharing to Facebook and Instagram. You can find boards and signs on Etsy or eBay or ask your wedding stylist or stationer. If you’re feeling creative, they’re relatively easy to do and fun.


  • Be clear.
    • Try being specific so your message is not misunderstood. By unplugged, do you mean no phones at all or just uploading to social media?


  • Share your professional images with everyone!
    • Your guests don’t mean any disrespect or harm when they use their phones or cameras, they simply want to capture a memory or two from the day. Simply assuring everyone that they’ll be able to see and acquire a few images will make it all the more easier for them to put down their tech.


  • Have someone police it
    • The last thing you want or need is this being your job on the day. Instead, ask a groomsman or a bridesmaid to kindly remind people that phones and cameras shouldn’t be used.


  • Photobooth
    • If you’re going all the way and banning any tech throughout the whole day and if funds permit, hire a photobooth. It’s a nice option giving guests the opportunity to create a couple of fun shots.


  • Ask your ceremony officiant to make an announcement.
    • This is the most effective. Before its time for you to walk down the aisle ask your officiant to make a really short announcement asking that not tech is used until after you have left the ceremony as the new Mr and Mrs…….
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Wedding Photographer


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