Unforgettable Mitton Hall Wedding Celebration

Abby and Chris’s Timeless Celebration


Unforgettable Mitton Hall Wedding Celebration

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Abby and Chris’ Story

Abby and Chris, the stars of this heartwarming love story, embarked on their journey to happily ever after with a pre-wedding shoot that set the stage for a memorable wedding day. Six months before their big day, they found themselves at Sefton Park, a charming spot close to Liverpool City. It was a picture-perfect start to their wedding adventure, filled with laughter and stolen glances.

But let’s rewind a bit, shall we? Chris’s romantic proposal in Central Park near Strawberry Fields, New York, in 2022 was a fairy tale moment that set the wheels in motion. The enchanting aura of Central Park was the backdrop to their engagement, and from that day forward, they dreamt of a September wedding. Their vision was simple: a day filled with sunshine but not sweltering heat. It was a plan to strike the perfect balance between warm and wonderful.

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Now, the tricky part was choosing the perfect venue, a place that resonated with their uniqueness. With family and friends scattered across different corners of the country, travelling was not a concern. Mitton Hall beckoned them with its harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements. The stunning grounds were the cherry on top. Abby and Chris’s hearts swayed to the rhythm of Mitton Hall’s beauty.

The British weather, ever the unpredictable character, decided to sprinkle a bit of rain on their parade on the big day. The morning drizzle added a touch of cosiness to the ambience, turning the day into a romantic saga. As raindrops played their part, the clouds finally gave way to the sun, casting a warm glow that transformed the venue into a magical wonderland. And what’s a wedding without a little adventure? The bride, groom, and their crew braved the drizzles for those essential group and portrait photos, turning it into a fun escapade.

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Timeless Mitton Hall Wedding Celebration

A Perfect Venue


For Abby and Chris, there was no specific wedding theme, but they chose natural colours for a timeless look. Abby, radiant and stunning, donned a ‘Hattie’ dress by Maggie Sottero from The Bridal Suite Nottingham. It was a strapless mermaid gown with oversized lace that beautifully complemented Abby’s small frame. The dress was an exquisite choice, a stunning masterpiece that encapsulated the essence of timeless elegance.

And let’s not forget the groom and his groomsmen, who looked absolutely dapper in tweed suits from Slaters. The bridesmaids, beaming with joy, accompanied Abby down the aisle, creating a delightful picturesque display.

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Timeless Mitton Hall Wedding Celebration

Florals played a crucial role in adding charm to the day, and Ribble Valley Flowers, along with Ribble Valley Weddings, took care of this task. White and green bouquets adorned the scene, bringing a touch of nature indoors. And for a sweet treat, guests received little bags of mini eggs because, well, who doesn’t love chocolate?

The dessert wasn’t limited to just chocolates; the wedding cake was a delectable two-tier buttercream flower design. Double chocolate and biscoff flavours delighted the taste buds, making it a true highlight of the evening. I may or may not have indulged in sampling a piece of each flavour, and oh, the guilt was worth it!

The bridal beauty was in the hands of Leanne Jackson for makeup and Sarah of Ribble Valley Bridal Hair for, well, you guessed it, hair. The outcome? Simply breathtaking. As Abby was getting into her dress, they both came to the bridal suite to lend a helping hand. Leanne to touch up the lippy and Sarah to put in the veil.

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Timeless Mitton Hall Wedding Celebration

Final Words


Music filled the air with a DJ from DFC and singer Chesqua, who graced the audience with a rendition of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” The dance floor was never empty, and the celebration was in full swing.

Now, let’s talk about the pièce de résistance—the food! Abby and Chris went for an unconventional choice with pies and mash, a homage to the menu from sister venue, Holmes Mill. It was a hearty and delicious choice that kept the guests well-fed and content.

Abby and Chris’s Mitton Hall wedding was a reflection of their personalities, filled with love, laughter, and beautiful memories. As the sun peeked through the clouds on their special day, it was as if the universe itself was applauding their love story. Here’s to Abby and Chris and their “happily ever after.” May their love continue to shine brightly, just like that warm September sun they dreamed of. Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and adventures!


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mitton hall wedding

A Celebration of Love and Elegance, Magical Mitton Hall Wedding


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