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The Oak Tree of Peover, Cheshire


Charl and Dan



Peruga at Woodheys

Planning your wedding is no easy task. From choosing your venue, your dress, the suits, who will be bridesmaids, best man, the cake, will it be chicken or beef, all way right down to the little details of which font will go onto the place cards for the table plan!

I like to send out a few questions to my brides and grooms about a month before the big day to get to know them a little and to find out which lovely suppliers they’ve asked to help make their day so special.

Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys

Charl and Dan tied the knott at the rather pretty venue, The Oak Tree of Peover set in secluded grounds near Knutford in Cheshire. An extremely beautiful venue.

This was a day filled with so many happy moments, fun with lots and lots of laughter.

Here’s Charl and Dan’s wedding story.

Where and when did you get engaged? Tell me what happened?

We got engaged on the 20th of November 2015. Dan had invited me for dinner, so we met in Liverpool and the weather was miserable and blowing a gale. He wanted to propose in the place where we first kissed but as that was the waterfront we ducked into the Albert Dock. I turned my back to him and asked him to put my phone in my backpack as I was concerned about it falling out of my pocket and he recommended I check it first. There was a text from him saying that he had something and to ask him if I wanted it. When I turned back around he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I pretty much screamed “YES!” And then somehow managed to cry and laugh at the same time.

Why did you choose your wedding date?

Dan wanted to get married before starting university, and we decided that the 1/9/19 would be easy to remember.

Why did you choose your venue?

It’s beautiful! Originally we wanted to get married at Chester Zoo, where we went on our second date, but they’ve recently stopped doing weddings there, so we had a look at other venues and the Oak Tree of Peover was everything we were looking for.

Do you have a special “theme”/ style for your wedding? Why did you pick this theme/ style?

Our colours are important to us, but in terms of style we are keeping things fairly relaxed and simple. We don’t like to over complicate things and we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves or our guests.

What is your wedding colour scheme? Why did you choose it?

Royal blue and champagne! We chose this colour scheme because it’s the colours of a shiny Snorlax and Snorlax is my pet name for Dan.

What sort of dress/outfit did you choose and where from? Why did you choose it?

I went to wed2be for my dress. It is simple, flattering and it has pockets! It’s pretty much the perfect dress for me.

What has your partner chosen to wear?

Dan is getting his suit from Slaters. It’s a three piece suit to match the colour scheme.

What are your bridesmaids/ groomsmen going to wear and where from?

The groomsmen are getting their suits from Slaters too, as this makes it easier for Dan to coordinate them. My bridesmaids have two different dresses in the same colour (Royal Blue). My sisters is from Wed2be and my best friends is from JJshouse.

How will you travel on the day? If the transport is hired, where is it from?

I’ll be getting ready at the venue so I’ll be taking a taxi from the hotel. Dan will be getting a lift with his brother later on.

What flowers have you chosen, if any? Who is providing them?

I’m doing the flowers. They’re artificial as Dan has pretty bad hayfever. We decided on Peonies, Calla Lilies and Orchids in whites and blues.

What flowers and decorations have you chosen for the wedding reception? Who is providing them or helping you?

I’ve made some floral centrepieces. We are set on keeping things simple and not too fussy so that there is less to worry about on the day.

Are you giving out favours? If so, what?

Yes! We are giving out a trio of fudge from the fudge kitchen, a gourmet fudge shop that we first discovered on our first holiday to Edinburgh. There are three flavours- sticky toffee pudding to match the dessert from the wedding breakfast, lemon tart to go with the wedding cake and chocolate rose to match the rose lemonade and our first dance- kiss from a rose

What cake have you chosen? Who is making it?

We are having a blue and champagne three tier wedding cake with a custom made topper of Snorlax and his trainer from a picture book I wrote and illustrated for Dan a while ago, Snorlax and his trainer are basically meant to be him and me.

Who have you chosen for beauty (Makeup and Hair)

A young man named Jack is looking after hair, and I am doing my own makeup.

What food/ wines have you choose? Why?

We aren’t really wine connoisseurs, however we are having rose lemonade, one of our favourite non-alcoholic beverages. As for food we have gone with a fairly classic roast dinner set up for the wedding breakfast, then in the evening pizza principles will be serving up delicious pizza (we went to Pizza Hut on our first date, also we just really love pizza)

What entertainment have you chosen?

We have DJ Nick Campbell who we will be asking to play a great mix of songs from the 80s onwards.

What other “special touches” have you added to your day?

We have pizza, rose lemonade, and each other, we are also in a stunning venue with our friends and family. We don’t feel anything else is needed as it’s already very special.

Anything else I should know?

We won’t be having a honeymoon right after the wedding as Dan starts university the following Wednesday. Also, with it being a Sunday, there will be people leaving early due to having work the following day.

Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys

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