Lady Anne Clifford

Lady Anne Clifford

Lady Anne Clifford   Lady Anne Clifford was a legend in her own lifetime, and she has remained so ever since. She was one of the greatest figures in the history of north-west England. She was married first to Richard Sackville, earl of Dorset, and later to Philip...

Brougham Castle

Brougham Castle   In about 1214, Robert de Vieuxpont, one of King Johns most important agents of the north of England acquired the site on which Brougham castle was later built, in order to defend against his royal master’s northern enemies and their Scottish...


Castles and Lady Anne Clifford.   Castles – I love them whether they are ruinous or still intact and being lived in.   This series of blogs features on four castles all previously owned by the Clifford family of Cumbria – 3 ruinous and one intact. All are...

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