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Short Wedding Dress
Rita Mae
Short Wedding Dress
Caroline Castigliano
Short Wedding Dress
Rita Mae

Choosing a short wedding dress over the traditional one could be you

Life is a party, dress like it.

When wedding dress shopping, there are many things to consider. Colour, material, length, budget, silhouette and that’s just scratching the surface. But one thing many dismiss as it’s not ‘the in thing’ is the short wedding dress.

All over TV, the movies and other media often show brides wearing long flowing dresses, sometimes as long as the aisle. Whilst this is truly princess stuff, its hard work and not just for the bride. Along with needing the train to be carried around there are many other things to look out for – tripping, snags and the actual weight of it can make it very uncomfortable; remember you’ll be wearing it for many hours. Sitting down can become a task in itself. With this in mind, I have put down a few reason you may want to consider the short chic dress

Short Wedding Dress

Short Wedding Dress

This gorgeous tea length dress is the ‘Valentine’ by Caroline Castiglioni.

  • Eye-catching images

Even though these cute little numbers are underrated, they will have a huge impact on your style and images. You’re not going to be restricted by a long gown, so you and your hubby will be free to experiment with photography location and poses. Fancy going to the beach? Easy, and without ruining your dress. Shake your tail on the dance floor? With a short dress, you can really let loose. Being comfy in your wedding dress should be important, you’re in it all day. Not only will it add to the enjoyment of your “I do’s”, but also enhance your wedding images as you will feel totally at ease.

  • Fewer dress fittings and alterations

Yippee to time saving! When you choose your traditional long gown, more often than not there are many alterations required. It costs a lot too. Be honest as well, some of the best bit of wedding shopping is not only finding accessories to match, like jewellery, but also picking out a pair of fabulous shoes, and why cover these with a long dress and train?

Buy the dress that makes you feel most like yourself!

Because that’s who he fell in love with.

  • Enjoy unrestricted movement

You’re going to do a lot of moving around during the day, chatting to guests, dancing in the evening and you’ll need help adjusting the train, not to mention visits to the bathroom. You’re going to need help! With the short dress, no worries, there no issue with getting the dress into the bathroom or needing any assistance.

  • Be stylishly comfortable

You’re going to walk down the aisle in deliciously stylish comfort. Plus, you won’t have to worry about losing your balance on your way up to the altar. You will also be able to meet and greet your guests with ease and spend all night dancing at the reception.

  • Keep your purse happy

Having much less fabric also give you another benefit as these chic dresses are lower in cost.

If you’ve got a limited budget or planning a more informal big day, or simply want to put more towards something else, like gorgeous flowers, photography or the honeymoon, look for a short dress.

  • It’s totally you!

If long gowns aren’t your thing, why should you wear one to the most important day of your life? Pick the dress that suits your style the best and you will just beam beauty and confidence.

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