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Planning your wedding is no easy task. From choosing your venue, your dress, the suits, who will be bridesmaids, best man, the cake, will it be chicken or beef, all way right down to the little details of which font will go onto the place cards for the table plan!

I like to send out a few questions to my brides and grooms about a month before the big day to get to know them a little and to find out which lovely suppliers they’ve asked to help make their day so special.

Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys

Sam and Atsushi got married at the amazing Daffodil Hotel located on the banks of Grasmere. An absolutely stunning setting. This was a day filled with many happy moments, fun and lots and lots laughter. Here are the details of planning and suppliers that made their day so special.

Where and when did you get engaged? Tell me what happened?

In a bar on a hill in Fukuoka, Japan

Why did you choose your wedding date?

We have lots of special dates on 21st. 1/21 started going out, 3/21 brides birthday, 7/21 submitted marriage documents in Japan, 8/21 engagement, 11/20 (too bad!!) grooms birthday. And 21/12 is easy to remember

Why did you choose your venue?

We are inviting foreign guests so wanted it to be a British looking building in the countryside. And I often went to the Lakes as a child so it is a special place for me.

What is your wedding colour scheme?

White/cream/light pink.

What sort of dress/outfit did you choose and where from? Why did you choose it?

Dress with a long trail, bought from grooms friends wedding dress business made in Ukraine

What has your partner chosen to wear?

A very funky red patterned Vivienne Westwood suit…

What are your bridesmaids/ groomsmen going to wear and where from?

Bridesmaids will wear light pink/gold mini dresses from Chi Chi London

How will you travel on the day? If the transport is hired, where is it from?

We’re staying in the hotel the night before.

What flowers have you chosen, if any? Who is providing them?

White/cream for bride, white and pink roses for bridesmaids. From a business connection in the north east where my parents live.

What flowers and decorations have you chosen for the wedding reception? Who is providing them or helping you?

Lemon roses and lisianthus – arranged by Mum and myself.

What cake have you chosen? Who is making it?

My mum is making it. White 3 tier cake with a winter theme

Who have you chosen for beauty (Makeup and Hair)

The Hotel provide it.

What food/ wines have you choose? Why?

Roast beef course, as I want my Japanese guests to try a traditional British food. Other wintery foods/drinks like mulled wine, spiced apple tart.

What entertainment have you chosen?

We will do it ourselves. I’m planning some games.

Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys

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A little about the Daffodil Hotel.

The hotel as it is now is relatively new, being built and opened in 2012. It was built by the late Tom Harwood who unfortunately didn’t see his project finished. His daughter Amanda, her husband Mark, and Tim Matthews, a family friend, pressed ahead with Tom’s plans and are proud to see that less than two years’ after his death, Tom’s vision had been realised.

Previously on the site a hotel was built in 1855 by Levi Hodgson, it was built when tourism was on the up in Cumbria partly due to William Wordsworth. The hotel was called Browns Lake Hotel after it’s owner Edward Brown. Not long after the the then Prince of Wales and soon to be Edward VII came to stay. As a result the hotel’s name was changed to ‘The Prince of Wales Hotel’. After 1984 the hotel became known by two other names, Thistle Grasmere followed by The Waterside.

The current hotel is most definitely modern inside but the exterior is built in traditional Cumbria slate stone and is sympathetic to it’s surroundings. Beautiful.

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