PetStay East Lancs & Bury was set up last year by Linda Healey to provide local dog owners with an alternative to kennels.  “While some dogs are okay in kennels, others are not so happy.” says Linda.  “I provide a home-from-home experience, where the dog stays in a carer’s home.  Rather than the dog having to fit into the routine of a kennel, the owner can specify the routine that suits their dog, such as where it sleeps, what it eats and what exercise it needs. Also, before an owner books with PetStay, they and their dog visit the carer’s home.  That way the owner can make sure they like where their dog will be staying and that their dog likes the carer.  Then the owner can go away on holiday or business with no worries about their pet.”


PetStay - home from home 

PetStay - home from home


After having been made redundant from her job, Linda decided she wanted a complete change.  “I’m very keen on animals, particularly dogs, so I decided to look at home dog boarding.  This is a growing field as people nowadays tend to take more holidays and, as they treat their pets as members of the family, they want them to have a nice holiday too.  I’ve been operating for nearly a year; I’ve met some lovely people (carers and owners) and some gorgeous dogs.  I’m completely shameless when it comes to plugging my business; you can’t take your dog for a quiet walk in the park near where I live without me appearing over the horizon, waving a leaflet.






“It’s very important that I find the best carers.   They need to be at home during the day, so dogs aren’t left on their own for too long.  They need to like to walk, they need to have a secure garden and, of course, they need to love dogs.  Active retired people are ideal; caring for dogs is not going to provide an income you can live on, but it will allow you to save up for a holiday while you’re keeping fit enjoying walks, cuddles and playtimes with lots of delightful dogs.”





Anyone interested in finding a holiday home for their dog or indeed becoming a carer themselves can phone Linda on 07713 976739 or email [email protected].



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PetStay – Home Dog Boarders since 2005



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