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Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Hello! My name is Paul and I would love to tell your wedding story! I’m an award-winning Lancashire wedding photographer with a unique, relaxed style who is always on the watch for those special moments. I love photographing weddings and then weaving the photos into amazing wedding stories – it’s something I adore and have for nearly 15 years.
Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Award-Winning Lancashire Wedding Photographer At Your Service!

I take great pride in creating the most natural photographs possible. Whilst still creating a beautiful set of wow shots, I concentrate on looking for and capturing your key moments. As many of my couples say, it’s those natural real moments that stand the test of time.  The rare, fleeting moments where true emotion gives you only a glimpse of what lies beneath. This is when you can actually hear the story being told through a photograph. Rather than a photograph that shows what we look like, they say, this is who we are.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Beautiful Scenic Views in Lancashire!


My work takes me to some of the most amazing places in Lancashire. No matter where I am, I look for the most unique shots. Fun shots with happy smiles and sensual shots where emotion is as thick as the London fog are just two of my favourite kinds of photographs. From Cheshire to Manchester, every view is unique and is the inspiration for the perfect wedding photograph. Choose your venue and let’s explore it together so we can both get the inspiration we need to create amazing images!

Bride and Groom with beautiful View of Pendle Hill

Camera Shy? Don’t Worry!


Many people don’t like being photographed. Others relish it! Whether you make love to the camera or hide from it, I am here to make sure your images are everything you want them to be. I try to capture the most natural wedding photographs possible as well as any family and group shots you want. Relax! Enjoy your special day! I will do everything I can to capture those key moments that will allow you to relive the story of your wedding for many years to come. Your wedding is just the beginning of a long, beautiful life together. I can help you cherish every moment of the first steps of your journey! Remember, the resulting photos are also for the generations that follow to see who you really are, rather than what you look like.

I know everyone will say that their wedding photographer is the best…. but they would be liars!

Paul could not have done anything more to make me and Alex feel comfortable throughout our day, even personally taking us down to the Lake in his car. Some of the shots he created for us must of had some kind of magic in them because you wouldn’t have known he was there😂 perfectly candid photos that really captured the feelings we shared all day. It’s not that often we actually take a photo we like, but there isn’t a photo from Paul’s collection that we can fault!

They say the Devil works fast but Paul definitely works faster. Having a slideshow of photos from the day so far during the evening reception was something not only we had never seen before but many of our guests commented on. We had a few amazing photos within 2 days and a sneak peek of 20+ photos within less than a week, date night and all of our photos in less than 2 weeks.😊

Well done my friend I hope you are very successful throughout your career you definitely deserve it!

Top bloke and a very good photographer

Mr and Mrs Robb


My name is Paul Swift and capturing moments is my passion. I let my lens take the lead when looking for the most natural and well-planned wedding photographs. I am a Lancashire wedding photographer and offer my services throughout North West England and beyond. I have clients in Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester, West Yorkshire, and the Lake District as well. For nearly 15 years, I have been offering my services to awesome couples who want the perfect balance of images. It’s why I love photographing weddings! It’s fun and exciting! From perfect poses to natural candid shots, I find a balance that allows me to tell the many facets of their wedding story. Each bride and groom have their own distinct personalities, so no two wedding photography sessions will ever be the same. To say the least, my style is quite unique.



Wedding Industry Awards

I have earned Wedding Photographer of the year from Hitched for 2022 and numerous Silver and Bronze Award from the Guild of Photographers and two Silver Certificates of Excellence from Bridebook.Co.UK, the first in 2018 and the second in 2019. I also carry many 5-star ratings on Google and Yably. Since I started my business, I have always followed the lead of my bride and groom. I offer guidance and possibilities that will capture the most authentic and natural moments of their big day. Everything is planned days in advance so that they can spend as many once-in-a-lifetime moments as they can with their guests.

Award Winning Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Local Information About Lancashire

Emotional Wedding Photography

Welcome to Lancashire

As the most North West county in the country, Lancashire has a rich depth when it comes to scenery and natural views. The larger towns and cities, like Lancaster, Morecambe, Blackpool, Blackburn, Burnley, Preston, and Lytham St. Annes and balanced quite nicely by the smaller villages of Whalley, Clitheroe, Pendle, Waddington, Lytham, and St Annes.

Dogs at weddings

Across Lancashire

From the cities and villages to the Fylde Coast and the many rivers, you have many wedding venues and beautiful vistas to choose from as a backdrop for your wedding and reception. From cottages to castles, you have your choice of wedding venues where you can show your true love and devotion for one another. No matter where you choose to hold your wedding, we can work together to make it a story to remember. The rich history of the Lancashire area, as well as all of the more modern features, can all be used to their fullest advantage when planning your wedding.

Laughter at weddings

The Red Rose of Lancaster

For those who love flowers, we can blend in the floral beauty of the Red Rose of Lancaster. The splashes of red on a beautiful white gown taken in front of a cathedral, castle, or cottage will show love for both home and family, as well as the countryside. If you grew up in Lancashire County, you undoubtedly have many cherished memories of gathering places or romantic getaways. Allow me to include them in your wedding photos so that the complete story of your big day can be told. Often times, it’s the subtleties and small details that have the most dramatic effects. As a Lancashire wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture each of those moments.

Wedding Venues That Will Benefit Your Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Mitton Hall (Featured)

Since 2012, Mitton Hall has been one of my favourite venues for wedding photography. Near to both Clitheroe and Whalley, it has a strong, very rich history. The Mitton Hall property consists of a beautiful country house hotel that is nestled in the Ribble Valley. The hall and countryside are breathtaking, offering the perfect romantic background. It is one of the most versatile wedding venues when it comes to finding the perfect backdrop or lighting. Whether you want wedding photographs inside or out, you will be able to find just the right setting for each of your choices. This Lancashire venue is open all year round so you can choose any season you like and still have the most amazing photographs.

Broadoaks Country House

Broadoaks Country House (Featured)

Broadoaks Country House is one of the most relaxed and comfortable wedding venues. Its luxurious feel and natural flow will keep things moving smoothly. It is the perfect setting for an amazing couple! The long, scenic driveway leads the way to your future. With my years of experience, I will be able to catch those first tentative steps on that journey. Broadoaks is a traditional country house. The entire property is steeped in romance and magic. Surrounded by luxury and indulgence, your wedding will be one for the ages. For all of the opulence, you can also feel the informal and relaxed atmosphere the wedding venue offers. It allows you to truly enjoy each moment with your guests.

Weddings In The Lakes

Weddings in the Lakes (Featured)

As a Lake District Wedding Photographer, I adore shooting natural wedding photography in the Lancashire area. Where better to catch the subtle looks and glances that others may miss. Your wedding photographs should be filled with joy and love, taken at a wedding venue where you feel free to let your hearts truly shine. My down-to-earth personality allows me to feel at home in nature and allows my creativity to flow. Using the lakes or rivers in the Lake District as your natural backdrop sets a relaxed, unrushed tone to your images. The blessings of love and light flow through the images as you bask in the glow of the sun. Taking wedding photos near the water is my inspiration when it comes time to explore my talents and skills, creating the perfect images that will continue to enhance the story of your wedding for many years to come.

The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge

Swan Hotel (Featured)

The Swan Hotel is known for the amenities it offers. No matter what the season, you will be guaranteed picturesque views to go along with the pampering the hotel offers. As part of the Lake District, you have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. Come inside and you are able to include beautiful fireplaces and ornate backdrops, creating one-of-a-kind wedding photos that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Bright, sunny days to the gorgeous changing of the colors in fall, any time of year will provide you with many opportunities for beautiful wedding photography. I am able to use my unique style of photography for capturing memories at receptions. At the Swan, everything will be meticulously decorated providing me with ample opportunity to gain some of the best possible candid shots of your friends and family.

Falcon Manor Wedding Photographer

Falcon Manor

Falcon Manor is one of the more glamorous venues. A true combination of both contemporary style and ultimate sophistication. Whether you plan on having a small, very intimate wedding or a large extravaganza, the Manor is more than capable of fulfilling your every wish. Weddings are held at the Manor all year round. The subtle beauty of the Manor is only the beginning. Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, you have a view that extends far out into the countryside. Scenic vistas and the beauty of the interior décor allow you to take breathtaking photos inside or outside the Manor.

Liverpool Parish Church

Liverpool Parish Church

 When it comes to churches, Liverpool Parish is one of the most unique as well as the most beautiful for hosting weddings. On the church grounds is one of the most decorative gardens in the area. The gardens are the perfect backdrop for outdoor weddings on a warm summer day. In addition to its beauty, inside and out, you can also have the church’s twelve bells rung at your wedding. The rich history of the church makes it a popular choice for weddings. Its interior is one of a kind and the ideal setting if you are looking for something simplistic and spiritual. The wood tones give it an almost rustic look. As a photographer, it opens the door to many different opportunities for lighting and contrast.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Nunsmere Hall

For those who love the outdoors and all it has to offer, Nunsmere Hall is one of the best wedding venues. Surrounded by woods and next to a lake, you can easily get lost in all the photo opportunities that can be found at this venue. You can have the wedding ceremony performed on the grounds or in the hall. Either spot will provide you with beautiful backdrops and scenic vantage points. This charming country retreat is designed for celebrations. Large or small, the staff has many years of experience creating the perfect atmosphere. This makes my job as your Lancashire wedding photographer so much easier! You will be able to move from celebration to reception with little effort, allowing me to capture many of your most important moments, both as a couple as well as with your guests.

The Out Barn Wedding Photography

The Out Barn

The Out Barn is one of the most unique wedding venues in Lancashire and definitely has its own style. From quirky to magical to everything in between, the venue offers everything you will need for your wedding to be a smashing success! If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind venue, this is it. As a Lancashire wedding photographer, it offers almost any type of background you could ever ask for to shoot a wedding. Beautiful backdrops give way to whimsy and you are given free rein to create your own wedding celebration. At your reception, you can dance the night away with Pendle Hill overlooking you, which will definitely be a night both you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer

Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle is the destination for anyone who has ever dreamed of being married in a castle. The beautiful archways and ornate interior will provide you with all of the pomp and circumstance of a medieval wedding. Small or large wedding parties are welcome with the staff doing everything possible for your dream wedding day to become a reality. All the guests at the castle get the royal treatment. At Peckforton Castle, you can have the fairy tale wedding day you have always wanted. As your Lancashire wedding photographer, I can make sure all of the best moments are captured for your wedding album. I will be able to bring your fairy tale to life so that you can enjoy it for the rest of your lives.

Award Winning Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Beeston Manor

Beeston Manor is one of the most popular wedding venues in Preston. What started as a 16-century barn is now a beautiful venue. Beautiful oak beams and sandstone walls can be seen on the inside while gorgeous panoramic vistas can be seen all around once you step outside. The venue has earned many awards for both its scenic beauty as well as for its unrivalled service. It’s also home to ‘Lancashire Sunsets’, or so that’s what I call it. Beeston Manor is a dream come true for a Lancashire wedding photographer. The inside can be decorated to match any style while the outside lays open the world around you. Stunning backgrounds are at every turn and you literally have the world laid at your feet.

FAQ for a Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Remember, in order to find the right wedding photographer, you should ask as many questions as necessary so you have all of the information you need to make the best decision.

  • How long will it take to get my edited photos? Normally up to 2 weeks, however, during the busy season, this time can in rare events hit 4 weeks.
  • Do you have others who work with you? No, I work alone and have my own unique style.
  • Do you schedule more than one event in a day? No, when I shoot a wedding, I commit the entire day to the couple. They will have my full attention.
  • Do you charge for your travel time? That will depend on how far I have to travel to get there.
  • How far in advance must I schedule? Most bookings are made at least one or two years before the wedding day.

I’ve created a separate page for frequently asked questions which can be found here.

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