Graffiti – Can it be considered art?


On a recent visit to explore and photograph a derelict power station the graffiti led me to this question?


Can Graffiti really be called art?


Well I am in the yes camp, but not fully! Let me explain:

A lot of the graffiti that was on display looks really nice and has taken some time and effort, only to be defaced by crude scribble and offensive words that is definitely not art. I call this vandalism. And most of the art here has now been defaced.


There is lots of art around the country, not least the stunning work of Banksey and many lesser known artists. To me this is simply modern art and should be looked at as such.

The defacing of this art is a shame including some of the really nice work at this PowerStation.


Others have had their say too:


Some local councillors have called the graffiti “nothing more than vandalism and trespassing”.

Councillor Miles Parkinson was unimpressed by the graffiti, he said: “We want to see the old power station developed for industry. People are trespassing on the site and it is unsightly and dangerous.”


The particular site here was closed in 1984 after only 3 decades of use and the land has been the subject on numerous failed plans to regenerate, the latest being a waste technology site in 2010.

It is now a place visited by urban explorers armed with spray paint and cameras.  Many critics have been impressed with the graffiti on the remaining office building. An expert from London on Street art has given his full backing to the urban explorers.  “This is great. It is reclaiming a disused power station and derelict building for art and the community. The urban explorers here have our full support. Good on them.” Said Tommy Blaquiere, director of London’s West Bank Gallery.


Blackburn Councils art’s manager, Rebecca Johnson said “Some of the graffiti is definitely more than your run of the mill stuff. It is very strong and quite effective. There are some good graffiti artists in the Burnley area and, I suspect, some of it is their work.”


As can be seen from the selection of photos a lot of the art has now been vandalised by the poor painting and choice words.

However; what are your thoughts? I would love to hear them!


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