This is Indie, she’s a 5 year old Golden Retriever; isn’t she gorgeous?


Helen, Indie’s Mum entered one of my competitions earlier this year; it was to celebrate national dog day. The prize was to win a photoshoot and £20 towards any of my products.

Though the competition was in late summer we decided to wait until the autumn to do the photoshoot and I am glad we did. Just look at the colours in the images. They look so good with Indie’s gorgeous coat.


Indie is not one for being still for too long. Within minutes of us arriving at the woods she had already found a really muddy puddle and was quite happy just to get filthy. After calming her down a little, I got some great still imagery of her along with some action shots and a set of images with Helen and Danny before she was ready to let another burst of energy go. The route we went on is one of Indie’s usual walking routes and it wasn’t long before she was in the stream. Here she is very happy to charge about, and get cleaned off ready to go home – Retrievers are very at home in the water, even when it’s this cold!


This was a really great shoot on a cold and sunny November day, and it’s not often I’ve been able to mention sunny recently!


Below is a selection of the images from the photoshoot and If you would like to have your dog photographed and featured on my page please contact me on [email protected] or call 07880 544220 or follow me on Instagram : #paulswiftphotography or Facebook


If you would like to read a little more about the Golden Retriever, please see further below.




A little info……


Golden Retrievers are a large sized breed of dogs. They were originally bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl and game birds during hunting and shooting. The name retriever comes from their ability to retrieve the shot game undamaged. Golden Retrievers are relatively easy to train to basic or even advanced standards and they instinctively love water. Naturally they are a long coated breed. The dense inner coat provide warmth in the outdoors and the outer coat lies flay against their bodies and repels water.


The Golden Retriever is highly intelligent which makes them very versatile and able to fill various roles through society. The most common being guides dogs for the blind, hearing dog for the deaf, detection dog, search and rescue and less so these days as hunting dog. They are friendly and have a gentle temperament which makes them rather unsuited to being guard dogs.


They are not usually picky eaters, but require lots of exercise; 2 or more hours a day and they are also very fond of play.


A little history…..


Being bred in Scotland during the mid-19th century they are quite a young breed. During this time wildfowl hunting was quite a popular sport for the Scottish elite. The existing retriever breed were unsuited for retrieving game from both land and water. With the land being marked with marshy ponds and rivers it was essential that they have this ability. As a consequence the Golden Retriever we have today was a mix of the now extinct Tweed water spaniel and the existing retrievers. First bred near Glen Affric in Scotland it is said that the breed originated from the Russian tracker retriever.


With guns improving during the 1800’s, more fowl was being hit during hunts and from greater distances over increasingly difficult terrain. This led to more birds being left in the fields. This is where the need for the specialist retriever arose.


A little about their temperament……


The Golden Retriever is nature extremely friendly, kind and confident. This makes them great family pets, they are particularly patient with children. They are not a one-man’s dogs as they are generally amiable with strangers and those they are familiar with. They are too trusting to be a guard dog. They are instinctively fond of swimming so will usually make a dive for the water.

They are also highly intelligent, infact they are well placed inside the top five breeds for obedience-command trainability.


From researching and writing this blog and spending some time with Indie, it’s easy to see why the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the country, one I most certainly would love to own.


Paul Swift Photography © – Golden Retriever

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