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Sneak Peek – Glaramara Hotel Wedding Photographer

Steffi and Josh’s 4-year wait

Glaramara Hotel Wedding Photographer


Wow, amazing, brilliant, cool, excellent, astonishing, awesome, fabulous, fantastic, incredible, magnificent, marvellous, outstanding, phenomenal, remarkable, sensational are all words to describe Steff and Josh’s wedding at the Glaramara Hotel…… I really struggled to stick with one word.

A love story

Steph and Josh’s story is an amazing one.


Josh being from Australia told his Dad one day after being on the beach, living his best life, that he would never leave his home town. Not long after this he was in England working at the Glaramara hotel. It was here where he met Steff. Something Steff’s Dad said during his speech, being a teacher, he knew the boys who came knocking on the door, and they all answered, ‘yes sir’. He was surprised to be “greeted by a big Aussie chap with Ga Day Mate”.


After working together for quite sometime at the hotel, it was evident to work colleagues that these two should be together. 4 years ago, Josh popped the question on Stockley Bridge in the Borrowdale area. It was a surprise to Steff, though as she said, “she should have realised something, as he never suggests taking the dog for a walk, particularly in the rain”


Glaramara Hotel Wedding Photographer
Glaramara Hotel Wedding Photographer

Date Night

Look out for the date night premiere of Steffi and Josh with all the lovley, and fun details.


A small selection of images from the day. Lots more to come.

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