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your wedding Photography

Top Tips for Fabulous Wedding Photography

It doesn’t matter which style of wedding you are planning, be it a country house, boho, casual or sophisticated to name just a few, there is one thing that all brides have in common.

You want to look fabulous.

Truth be told, on your wedding day you want to look the very best that you have ever done in your whole life!

For some, this takes months and in some cases years of planning, preparation and investment.

Some will even go as far as extreme exercise and diets to teeth straightening and whitening!

your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography

So, when your day arrives and the results of all the planning and preparation are in full swing, how are you going to make sure you look as fabulous as you feel?

I’ve been a professional photographer, specialising in all things wedding for 9 years now. Having been part of countless wedding days and being married myself I understand how important it is to simply relax and enjoy your special day.

Using this experience I am going to share some tips, advice and inside information on how you can look and feel fabulous in your photographs.


  • Trust your photographer
    My whole relaxed and calm manner puts my bride’s minds at rest and they know they can trust me. A good photographer should be able to accentuate your assets and hide or cover anything you may be concerned about. The key thing to do is talk with them about it beforehand.


  • Be on Time
    I emphasise this to all my brides. It’s important to be on time. Being late will possibly make you feel stressed, flustered, hurried and detract from your enjoyment of your special day or worse, bring out a red nervous heat rash. I’ve seen it happen!
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography
  • Stretch any wobbly bits you’re worried about.
    Many brides have a worry about their upper arms. It’s as easy as releasing and relaxing your arms away from your upper body. Straight away this makes arms appear slimmer. The rule I work to is, if it bends, then bend it – arms, legs, fingers. It just makes everything appear more natural, relaxed and slimmer.


  • Slim out those hips.
    This works for everyone and its simple. By pushing your hips away from the camera it will slim the hip area leaving a beautiful shape to your body and dress, especially if your wedding dress if fitted or a fishtail.


  • Tightening those tummies.
    Here’s a tip I use a lot with both brides and grooms. By leaning forward from the hips (bride) or waist (groom) it gives the illusion of smaller hips and minimising the tummy for the bride and for the groom it hides any bellies.


  • A slight facelift.
    Another benefit of leaning forward from the hips or waist is that it will naturally make you raise your chin which eliminates the chance of those double chins we all hate so much. It also suggests a slimmer face.


  • The right light.
    A professional photographer should know how to use light to shape and flatter your body. As an example, you can use shade to slim, and natural, soft light to flatter the skin. It’s why you hire a professional photographer and not uncle Bob!
    A professional photographer will also know how best to show off and position your dress.


  • Be very careful with the fake tan.
    Please, please go easy on the fake tan. It will absorb light and will reduce the amount of natural radiant shine. Too much can also make the groom look quite pale or even sick… Also, make sure your bridesmaids are fully aware. There’s nothing worse that one of the bridal party looking like they’ve been tangoed!
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography

The beauty of flowers

  • Holding your bouquet.
    Lots of brides like to squeeze the life out of their bouquet. Try to handle them with a little delicacy and you’ll look much more relaxed and elegant.


  • Keep your bouquet down.
    It’s very easy to think the best place to hold your bouquet held high up right under your chin. Most often this happens when walking down the aisle (or running). Before setting off down the aisle, take a deep breath, walk slowly and hold your flowers below your bust level; you want a diamond shape in your arms. This is the first glimpse your future husband and guests will see you. After all the preparation you’ll want to show off that dress and flowers.
    During the photo sessions, your photographer should guide you in keeping your bouquet down.
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography

Secrets of beauty.

  • Keeping your eyes white.
    Using eye drops for one week prior to your wedding day will help keep the whites of your eyes really white. It makes for a beautiful fresh feel to your eyes and will look fab on images.


  • Pack your lippy.
    Pack lipstick for freshening up throughout the day, though make sure it’s a least the same colour if not brand that your makeup artist uses.


  • Touching up the makeup.
    If possible, consider employing your stylists to be on standby for when you arrive back at the reception venue (if traveling from church), to touch up your hair and makeup before the photographs.


  • How about a change for the evening?
    Sometimes a change is as good as a rest and it’s becoming more frequent to change look for the evening reception. This ranges from changing hair and makeup to swapping the veil to something more manageable and taking the straps off the dress to even swapping dresses. Tea length gowns are perfect here.


  • One for the boys.
    Don’t forget the groom. More and more these days the lads are taking pride in how they look. Have a change of shirt ready for the evening reception. It’s a great way to freshen up.
    Possibly use moisturiser on their face for a week before, depending on the skin type of course.
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography
your wedding Photography

More General Advice

  • Practice
    I can’t recommend a Pre-Wedding shoot enough. Not only is it a great chance to get some great imagery, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn how your photographer works. It will make you so much more relaxed on your wedding day and you’ll have even learned to pose a little and look natural and relaxed in front of the camera too. It’s also a perfect opportunity to have a hair and makeup trial.
    A pre-wed is also a great way for your photographer to get to know you and how you respond in front of the camera so that they can bring out the best in you on your wedding day.


  • Get away.
    Most weddings have some quiet time between the speeches and the evening reception. Get away from everyone, even just for 15 or 20 minutes. If you can, go to your bridal suite. Sit down, have a glass of water, maybe loosen off your dress (though know beforehand that you can fasten it back up easy enough) and have a fresh shirt ready for your new husband.


  • Hydration
    Being hydrated goes a long way towards being calm and relaxed. If you’ve had a glass of fizz or two whilst getting ready make sure you have some water too – remember to nip to the ladies before you set off to say ‘I do’ though.


  • Get to bed early.
    I say this all the time, get to bed at a reasonable time the night before. Avoid getting into a drinking session with the girls. It only hurts on the wedding day.


  • Get your favourite music playing.
    Have a playlist of your favourite music playing on the morning of your wedding. It creates a more relaxed atmosphere.
your wedding photography

Hopefully, this little selection of tips will make you feel the confident, beautiful and radiant bride you always dreamt of. You’ll never have look or felt happier in life…… oh and make sure you have an amazing photographer there to capture this.

your wedding Photography

Fabulous Wedding Photography by Paul Swift Photography

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