Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography

Capturing Memories:

Mimi and Adam’s Picturesque Broadoaks Country House Wedding

Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography

Mimi and Adam’s Dreamy Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography


Mimi and Adam’s wedding was a magical celebration of love that will be remembered forever. The stunning venue, heartfelt moments, and beautiful photos captured the essence of their love story. If you’re planning a wedding, consider Broadoaks Country House as the perfect venue for your special day. With its stunning scenery, elegant ambiance, and exceptional service, Broadoaks Country House is the perfect place to celebrate your love story. Read on…………..


Mimi and Adam’s engagement was on June 6, 2022, on the banks of Lake Windermere during a long weekend away. They had barely arrived in their room when Adam suggested they take a walk by the lake. After pacing back and forth a couple of times, Adam suggested they skim stones. As Mimi was looking for stones, Adam called her name and proposed on one knee. Overwhelmed with emotion, Mimi cried tears of joy and said yes.

A fun ceremony

The ceremony was held on the helipad in the blistering heat, with a family friend, Neil, as the celebrant. The ceremony was filled with funny stories, making it a truly special experience. Mimi and Adam chose to have their ceremony outdoors surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, which made for a stunning backdrop. Their love was evident as they gazed at each other and exchanged heartfelt vows.



Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography

The Venue

Mimi and Adam searched for the perfect wedding venue that would capture the essence of their love story. They were immediately captivated by the beauty and charm of Broadoaks Country House. Nestled in the heart of Lake District National Park, Broadoaks Country House offers a picturesque setting for weddings. The stunning venue provided a romantic backdrop for the couple’s special day.

Bridal wear to die for

Mimi wore a traditional wedding dress from a nearby bridal shop called innate bridals. She chose the dress because it was the only one she felt most herself in. The dress perfectly complemented her natural beauty and added to the elegant and timeless ambiance of the wedding. Adam wore a traditional Scottish kilt suit, adding a touch of heritage to the occasion. The kilt suit was a testament to Adam’s Scottish roots and added an element of authenticity to the wedding.


2 plus 1, or is that 2?

Yes, that’s a big yes.


Aside from the stunning ceremony and reception, there were a few extra special details that made Mimi and Adam’s wedding all the more memorable. For starters, the couple are expecting a baby, which added an extra layer of joy to the day. Additionally, Dan the dog, a beloved family pet, made a special appearance in some of the photos, adding a touch of whimsy to the occasion.

Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography
Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography

A wedding celebration with style

The bridesmaids wore matching light blue dresses they found online, while the best man was also in a Scottish kilt suit. The bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly complemented Mimi’s dress, adding to the overall aesthetic of the wedding. The groomsmen’s kilt suits added a touch of tradition to the occasion and perfectly complemented Adam’s kilt suit.


Dried Flowers

Mimi chose dried flowers from Etsy, which perfectly complemented the rustic and natural ambiance of the wedding. Purple Swan provided the venue dressing, adding to the elegant and timeless ambiance of the wedding. Key bottle openers were given out as favors, adding a unique and personal touch to the wedding.


A simple cake

A simple sponge cake was made by a neighbor of the couple. The cake was decorated with fresh flowers, adding to the natural and rustic ambiance of the wedding. The simplicity of the cake perfectly complemented the elegant and timeless ambiance of the wedding.



Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography

Beauty by Felicity

Felicity Ashby did the makeup for Mimi and her bridesmaids, enhancing their natural beauty and adding to the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Felicity is a makeup artist based in the Lake District who is committed to using only cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products. Her passion for fair, sustainable makeup and skincare drives her to help clients feel their absolute best…. oh, and she’s a right blast to be around.



Andrew Paten played the pipes prior to the ceremony and through until the wedding breakfast, adding a touch of tradition to the occasion. Singer/DJ Glen Anderson played a selection of music for the guests and sang some songs as well, keeping the guests entertained throughout the wedding. The combination of traditional and modern entertainment perfectly complemented the ambiance of the wedding.


Broadoaks Country House Wedding Photography


Choosing the right photographer is essential to capturing the magic of your wedding day. A professional photographer can help you capture those special moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. At Broadoaks Country House, I understand the importance of photography and work with some of the best wedding suppliers in the business. If you need any help with choosing, or some advice, please just reach out and ask.


If you’re planning a Broadoaks Country House wedding, I highly recommend that you choose a photographer who can capture every moment of your special day. Your wedding photos will be a lasting memory of your love, and choosing the right photographer is essential to making them perfect. The right photographer can capture the unique moments of your wedding, creating a timeless and beautiful record of your special day.


This is why I am recomended by Broadoaks Country House.


A small selection of images from the day. Lots more to come.

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