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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

Josh Billings


Dogs! The old saying, “mans best friend” really rings true to me. They are faithful, loyal and so loving, and this should be reflected in photography. My style is quite different from many studios and pet superstores in that we plan the shoot somewhere outdoor and include a static portrait set and then onto some action photos that reflect the personality of your treasured dog whether he or she is young and lively, well behaved or of a pension age who just enjoys the quiet and a little play time.

I have no packages as such so the pricing is really simple. We discuss and come up with a plan, you pay for the session which starts at £65, then after arrange for a viewing and you simply buy the images of your choice as works of art for the wall or as a collection in a beautiful keepsake album. Please contact me for a more detailed price plan.

To get more information, speak to me or if you would like to meet me, click the button below.

Pawtrait sessions a year




My dog is a live wire and rarely still. Will it still be possible to capture some still portraits of her during the shoot?

Absolutely; even though she may be very active she will stand still and sit. Its during these occasions that I will capture these. I have my ways of getting their attention too.

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