A dog and his ball


How gorgeous is Darley?


Darley is a cross Springer / Border Collie – Sprollie. I think he has the energy of both breeds in one, he never stops!


I met up with Darley with his Mum and Dad above Clough reservoir in Great Harwood, near Blackburn. The walk down to the reservoir is through a beautiful wooded area covered in Pine trees. Darley was having fun through here chasing his ball and a stick – he was happy with either – stopping occasionally to capture a few moments.


On getting to the reservoir it didn’t take long for Darley to wet his paws in the water with Mum and Dad throwing the ball in for him. Sometime was taken for all three just to have a few moments closer together but Darley soon grew impatient and was back in the water – chasing his ball.


It was soon time to take a stroll along the bank of the reservoir and to capture moments of Darley doing what he does; play. With the sun really quite bright but low in the sky, the light was just beautiful.


With light fading it was time to head back, capturing a few more moments along the way with Darley deep in the grass.


Here are a few photos,


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