Date Night

The Event, after The Event


There’s no better way to present your wedding photos to you!


A while ago, I delivered your ‘wedding story’ pretty much the same as every photographer – an email with a link to a gallery. How dull!


This is kind of how it went:

  1. Posting a Sneak Peek to social media.
  2. Sending an album design layout or for those without an album, just an email with a link to their gallery of images.

Albums are great, but a link to a gallery is just so boring.  Heck, you won’t even see ‘Your Wedding Story’ together (I know this as I’ve asked a lot of brides and grooms).


So, here’s the good news. I now have something that’s a real experience. It’s called: ‘Date Night Premiere’.


Here’s how I describe it…….

* The moment you have been eagerly waiting for – Your ‘Wedding Story’ revealed to you in an amazing slideshow accompanied by music. No boring emails with a link to a gallery – that just doesn’t cut it.

* This is a special event, you both together, no distractions. Be ready to love, laugh and cry (tears of joy) as you relive your wedding day together for the very first time.

* At the pre-arranged Date Night Premiere time, send me an image of you both ready with a drink of something special – I will reply with your ‘Wedding Story’. Sit back, stream it to your big screen and relive your day.

Date Night Couple

Have a look at some of these Date Night Premieres.

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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