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Who are you; Clare Osborne?


This month; Clare Osborne, Hairstylist of Beloved Bridal Hair tells us a little about herself.

Makeup artist


I first met Clare whilst exhibiting at a wedding fair some years ago. From here on we’ve become friends, I’ve photographed her own wedding and we’ve have worked together quite a few times and each time Clare always excels. She is super talented, but not just that she’s huge fun to be around. Never a dull moment. The perfect wedding hairstylist.

Just recently I sat down with Clare and asked her a few questions.


Tell us a little about yourself in a brief sentence.

I’m 34 yrs old, born and bred in Blackpool. I’ve been in hairdressing since I was 13 and started as a Saturday girl. I’m fun loving, outgoing and only slightly crazy. Love an adventure and outdoor life. I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children.

When did you start your business and what was your inspiration for doing so?

Beloved bridal hair was created in January 2014. After years of being in the hairdressing industry, and doing a lot of bridal work in the salon I decided to branch out and do freelance too. I wanted a separate page to showcase just wedding hair which I love to do. I stumbled across wedding hair whilst working on cruise ships. I had done a few brides hair before that, however, this is when the real passion kicked in. With formal nights and weddings on board there was a lot of hair up work to do and with around 100 per day wanting a hair up and all wanting it different, creativity takes over…..and I loved it!

What is your happy song – you know the one you can’t help but smile to when you hear it?

I have to admit… it’s Dolly Parton’s islands in the stream. I am a huge country music fan.

Share something that not many people know about you…

I was under 16 world line dancing champion.

Best piece of advice you have been given?

Never give up on your dreams!

What is your favourite local business / shop / restaurant and why?

Mi casa su casa in Bispham. Just amazing food and people. You can really see their passion in what they do and how much they love it too. Believe me, it really shows when you go in.

If you were planning the ultimate picnic, what would be in your hamper?

Gin and tonic! All different types and mixers, 100’s of them.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My kids! They amaze me every day and make me very proud.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Mind reading! Would be handy for work, kids and men!

What advice would you give to someone starting out in business?

Practice practice practice. Go on courses, watch YouTube tutorials and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Tell us a little about your business and why people should use it?

Because I am completely in love with my job. I always listen to my clients and what they would like to see. We create boards on Pinterest together and share images. I go through styles for dresses and themes. I’m on hand all morning. I’ve put brides in their dresses, I’ve saved flowers! I’m all yours all morning. I’ve even collected guests who were stuck in snow to get them to the wedding! Nothing is too much trouble for my clients, I’m always on hand.

Anything new coming up that we should know about?

There is always something new that’s I’m working on. Watch out for some new metallic colours that I’m trailing at the minute.

Do you like your picture being taken?

No!!! I am not photogenic at all. Apart from funny selfies.

(Rubbish, though you’re good at selfies – Paul)

Where is the weekend getaway destination you love?

Brugge, it’s just beautiful


Wedding Hairstylist – Clare Osborne

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