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Kenneth Winston

wedding dress


wedding dress

Sassy Holford

Choosing your wedding dress

A true love story never ends

I’ve heard it so many times, “I knew it was the one”, “it was the first one I tried and went back after 20 others”. Finding your wedding dress may not be as difficult as you think.


Do your research. Set up an account on Pinterest, if you haven’t already, and start searching and pinning dresses and designers you like. Maybe once you’ve done this, share your page with the bridal boutiques prior to your appointment. Keep an open mind when you go to your appointment with your likes and dislikes.

Make sure you wear proper underwear and do your makeup to a minimum, after all, you wouldn’t want to risk getting it all over the dresses. Take a pair of heels or two with you. Don’t forget some accessories and go enjoy. It’s an incredible experience!

wedding dress

Caroline Castigliano

Bellisima, with matching jacket from Caroline Castigliano and belt by Richard Designs.

Who to take with you

Bring just a select few with you who will value your style and budget and who’s taste you trust. Don’t be tempted with a large group, there will be too many opinions. If you can, go mid-week and early in the day. This is the least busy time. Remember though you are not trying to please everyone else, it’s down to how you feel and look in that gown, the one person who has to love it is YOU!

During the Appointment

Try to figure out which silhouette you like on your body the most and take it from there. It’s okay seeing them all on a screen, but until you get them on you can’t tell.

Really listen to the advisors in the boutique. They know what they are talking about and will know what styles will suit you the best. Tell them about yourself, about your vision for your wedding. It’s good to let them know what you’re looking for but also be open minded and let them pull out options based on what you have told them. They know what they have and they really want to find you that ‘one’ you will not want to take off.

When you try the dress on and come out of the dressing room look in the mirror and tell your friends what you think before they have their opinion. You want their opinions, but yours matters most. It’s your choice and if it’s your favourite they will respect that.

Try on everything your advisor recommends, you may just come away loving a dress that you didn’t even want to try on! Keep in mind the dresses look very different when they are on, rather than on a hanger.

“Just go in and try things on…Things you may even think I would never wear that. Give yourself that Freedom.”

Vera Wang

In the end, go with your gut feeling.

Pick the dress that YOU love, not your mum, your sister or best friend. Don’t try to please them all. One thing to try to remember is trying on too many after you’ve already found ‘the one’ can end up leaving you confused and overwhelmed.

Just try to enjoy the whole experience and go and have a glass of Fizz with your friends after.

wedding dress

Wedding dress – Sassy Holford

wedding dress

Wedding dress – Augusta Jones

wedding dress

Wedding Dress – Anny Lin

In my next article, I will share advice on the alternative wedding dress, the short one.

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