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Beautiful Sunshine on your wedding day



We live in the UK, so the weather is not always amazing. We get rain and sunshine, but what about when it’s just grey? Meh. Or circumstances mean you just missed the sun going down?

Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. At each wedding, I always have a boot full of equipment to cover such requirements. Nope, it’s not a spare sun, just a few lights.

So, my goal is always to tell your wedding story with photos that you’ll love. Moments of laughter, emotion, and fun.

Something I always like to say to couples is, “I don’t like the fake stuff” – pretending to sign a register or a mock cake cutting, but this is where I make an exception.

Sometimes couples will leave their speeches or even wedding breakfast just to get a picture with a sunset, and why not, they’re beautiful. However, if you do miss it, don’t worry.


Here’s a couple of examples.


This gorgeous couple is Lindsay and Ashley. The weather was lovely for their wedding, but the sun just kind of disappeared after the wedding breakfast.

No problem, I created a sun lookalike. If I’d just seen this on the internet I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t the real sun.



​Or how about this one – Alex and Nik’s pre-wedding shoot. They braved the rain before a rather grey washed-out end to the day. No problem at all. This is just one flash.



In summary, please, don’t worry about the weather or even if things don’t quite go to plan – as long as you have a photographer who can deal with any situation then you can still have the photos that you always dreamed of.

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