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Paul Swift


Moments captured by me,


This has been all about you and your wedding photography (as it should be), however, if you would like to know a little more about me before we meet…

Hi, I’m Paul!

I’ve been happily married for 15 years to my wife Sarah, I’m a father to four boys, two who are both in higher education and two younger boys, along with Eddie, Lenny, and Freddie (Eddie, Lenny, and Freddie are my dogs and office buddies – I often post pics of them on social media of them asleep on the job). I think I am also married to this job;

I love it!

I like and love a lot of things in life, especially weddings. I love couples who laugh, who are not perfectionists, don’t take things too seriously, who just want to enjoy their wedding day. As said, I love my job, it gives me that unique opportunity to re-tell your wedding day through beautiful images – I want you to relive your anticipations, your laughter, your tears everytime you see your wedding photos – ‘Your Wedding Story’.


Away from weddings and family, I like lots of things, Dogs, Rock Music, Fast Cars, Dogs (I know, I already said that one), Marvel films, purple, tech, even wallpapering (I hate painting though).

Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards

Office Cutie




Photographer and business owner


Lenny bobs

Lenny bobs

Office Sloucher


Wedding PhotogrAPHER OF THE YEAR


I won the Hitched Wedding Awards 2023, which recognised exceptional service by UK wedding professionals. The accolade is based solely on real couple reviews, making it a trusted reference for wedding planning.

My Guilty Little Secret…


Have you ever felt that you don’t look good in photographs, that it doesn’t matter who’s taking the photo, it just doesn’t look like you?

Me too…

You know, before I became a professional photographer, I’d always thought that it was me, that was just the way I looked and that it didn’t matter who took my photograph, I just didn’t look good or happy in photographs.

My wedding planning was taken care of by wife, Sarah. Just like many typical men I really only went for a suit fitting and then turned up when told to…

I know, shame on me, it would be very different now!

I don’t remember doing much else. We both met with our wedding photographer, for an initial chat and then to book. However, if I knew then what I knew now we would not have chosen him. He really was poor. But in our ignorance, we didn’t research or look at what things cost. We just found his website, visited him and booked as we felt happy after meeting him.

There’s not one image of me I am truly happy to show. I look miserable on every one of them – even though I wasn’t. I really regret that we didn’t know any better, that we didn’t choose more carefully.

But there was something good that came out of it, and it’s something that has stuck with me ever since. It’s my job to make sure that everyone is looking happy and amazing in their photographs.

And because of that I work incredibly hard on your wedding day to make sure that you look happy and beautiful and I hope that I will have the honour of doing that for you on your wedding day.

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