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A Celebration of Love and Individuality at Broadoaks Country House

Jayne and Dana – Mrs and Mrs Nichols

Celebration of Love and Individuality at Broadoaks Country House

Jayne and Dana’s Wedding: A Celebration of Love and Individuality at Broadoaks Country House.


It was a bright sunny spring day when Jayne and Dana tied the knot at Broadoaks Country House. Their love story began during a weekend getaway to Fife for Dana’s 40th birthday. Jayne knew she had found “the one.” She had been planning to pop the question, but she kept chickening out. Finally, In the car on the way home they were talking, and Jayne said I had nearly asked you something and laughed, Dana leaned over and said, “I would have said yes.” And that was all it took for them to know that they were engaged. They made it official on October 6th, 2017, with a ring, and they planned to get married at Broadoaks.

Broadoaks Country House

From the moment they saw Broadoaks, they knew it was the perfect place for them. The stunning scenery, old-world charm, and sense of peace and tranquillity captured their hearts. And the fact that Broadoaks completely understood their journey as a same-sex couple and made them feel special was just the icing on the cake.


On the day, the amazing staff at Broadoaks Country House made Jayne and Dana’s special day truly unforgettable. Mel, with her warm and caring demeanour, ensured that every detail was taken care of throughout the day, making sure the couple felt pampered and attended to. Stelios, the maestro of the evening reception and party, kept the energy high and the festivities rolling smoothly, making sure everyone had a blast. With their exceptional service and attention to detail, the staff at Broadoaks truly went above and beyond to make Jayne and Dana’s wedding day a dream come true.

Celebration of Love and Individuality at Broadoaks Country House
Wedding Day 

Their colour scheme was purple, which matched the Pride of Scotland tartan kilt Jayne was wearing. Dana, on the other hand, opted for a white wedding dress from Eden Wedding Boutique in Penrith, which chose her instead of the other way around.


Their flower arrangements were left to the discretion of Laura Tuer from Green Wheat and Fika in Penrith, with a request for irises and thistles, Jayne’s favourite flowers. And instead of traditional wedding favours, they opted for little bespoke jars of raw, unpasteurized honey with their own little honey drizzled, which they put in white organza bags with personalized stickers and name tags.

Celebration of Love and Individuality at Broadoaks Country House
Simple. Boring. Not-so-traditional.

Their wedding cake was a simple two-tier design with a white and purple marbling that faded to lilac, made by Deborah Warburton.


Also, no long boring speeches from Tom dick and Harry. Just one short boring one from Jayne. 😁 (Jayne’s words, and it was anything but lol)


But what truly made their wedding special were the not-so-traditional touches that showed off their individuality. Jayne wore a kilt, and her best woman, Helen, stood by her side. Dana’s eldest daughter, Emily, did her makeup, and her youngest daughter, Erynn, wore a lilac dress. And they even had a special guest in the form of Emily’s chihuahua, Tilly, who shared the boudoir with them.

Celebration of Love and Individuality at Broadoaks Country House
Celebration of love and individuality

It was a celebration of love and individuality, where they took the wedding etiquette rule book, read it very carefully, and then threw it out.


Motiv-8 provided the entertainment, with a karaoke that was sure to be a hit.


And even though their three fur babies were consigned to kennels, they knew they were surrounded by the love of their family and friends.


Jayne and Dana’s wedding at Broadoaks Country House was a warm and inviting celebration of their love story. It was a day filled with laughter, joy, and a hint of wit, as they showed the world that love knows no boundaries.


A small selection of images from the day. Lots more to come.

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