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Armathwaite Hall, Cumbria


Helen and Nathan



Peruga at Woodheys

Planning your wedding is no easy task. From choosing your venue, your dress, the suits, who will be bridesmaids, best man, the cake, will it be chicken or beef, all way right down to the little details of which font will go onto the place cards for the table plan!

I like to send out a few questions to my brides and grooms about a month before the big day to get to know them a little and to find out which lovely suppliers they’ve asked to help make their day so special.

Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys

Helen and Nathan tied the knot at the historic St. Begas Church on the shore of Bassenthwaite Lake set in an achingly beautiful area of the Lake District before celebrating with family and friends at Armathwaite Hall.

This was a day filled with so many happy moments, fun with lots and lots of laughter.

Here’s Helen and Nathan’s wedding story.

Where and when did you get engaged? Tell me what happened?

We got engaged at Nathan’s auntie Tanya’s house in 2012. With her baby Freddy in his arms Nathan does the one knee thing.

Why did you choose your wedding date?

We always try to go away on the aug bank holiday. always with the pooch. We’ve had the best mini breaks and the August bh became our weekend years ago.

Why did you choose your venue?

We chose because it was super old and we love the lake. We found the church first and fell in love with the old ness and the history.

What sort of dress/outfit did you choose and where from? Why did you choose it?

It look me a long time to choose my dress. I must have tried on at least 50. I wanted detail and lace and just couldn’t find one that incorporated the intricate detail and fit my body right. ( too fitted/too poofy) I went to the dress shops a lot on my own, with my friends with mum. Then finally made the trip up to Penrith to a shop mam walks past every day. Eden wedding boutique. And fell in love with this one. It had everything and the real lace that I was searching for. Sometime you just need your mammy to take charge of these things.

What has your partner chosen to wear?

Nathan chose blue suits from slaters. He loves the blue and gold look. He spent about 6 months ordering ties online and sending them back again to make sure he got the right ones.

What are your bridesmaids/ groomsmen going to wear and where from?

We had blue suites and cream bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaid dresses were a complete accident. I originally wanted all white dresses but I found those and loved them because of the lace they had built in to them.

The bridesmaid dresses are from online too. A shop called little mistress. They make some beautiful dresses.

Suits from Slaters.

How will you travel on the day? If the transport is hired, where is it from?

We have hired two vintage boufords from Cumbria classic wedding cars. They have a brilliant rep in the north lakes area and it was always going to be them.

What flowers have you chosen, if any? Who is providing them?

Flowers have come from Appleby flower basket. She is a friend of a friend and I see her at christenings and other weddings usually. I was having such trouble understanding what I’d need and where to start with flowers and in the end I just said (Sharron can you just sort it for me) the only direction I have her was please can I have some white and some blue.

What flowers and decorations have you chosen for the wedding reception? Who is providing them or helping you?

I used a decoration company called roses & hearts. Karen is a one man band and is awesome. she lent us the greenery and the candelabras. 

Are you giving out favours? If so, what?

I did the favours myself. They’re just sweets because I find I’m always starving at weddings and need a sugar rush. I made the boxes myself. They looked great but we’re very difficult to put together. It took about 3 months to make them all. Evil boxes. Major hand cramp.

What cake have you chosen? Who is making it?

Our cake was a gift from auntie Tanya. She really wanted to contribute something to our special day. It had an accident but the lady in the shop lent us the plastic one from her window. We still ate the battered cake that had got squashed in the car. It tasted great. We had 4 tiers. Vanilla, chocolate, elderflower and (I’ve not cut the top one yet so I’m not sure)

Who have you chosen for beauty (Makeup and Hair)

I got Courtney from one of the local salons called envy hair and beauty. She sent me a team of 4 to get us all ready in the morning as I’m always late and Nathan really really wanted me to be on time.

What food/ wines have you choose? Why?

The food was really just what was on offer at armathwaite hall. We just picked what we like nothing too special. I love prawn cocktail and sticky toffee pud. Proper Cumbria food.

What entertainment have you chosen?

I found Andy from disco couture. I went with him because he’s super funny and never stops working. Like ever. He was contacting me from the beach even though I said to take a break.

What other “special touches” have you added to your day?

We each made each other a present box for the morning of the wedding. Just a box filled with things we both like. Nathan has some special sweets. I had some protein bars and some orange squash. We spent a lot of time making the order of service and thinking about how that should go together. We also spent the Thursday before cleaning the church. It’s old and needed some love. That place is polished to the eyeballs.

Anything else I should know?

We spent a long time sorting the confetti. We had little envelopes with stickers with our name. I love that the dog was around to be involved though was worried about her at times especially in the evening. She was pretty well behaved overall. She had some health issues a few years ago and we weren’t sure she would make it. But she has and I love it. She had her special colllar and lead. Me and Nathan found some 1947 sixpences for our good luck and something olds. My mum sewed mine into my dress that morning and Nathan had his in his breast pocket. I also wore my mums old diamond and Safire ring. She bought it for herself when she was 21. Mum wore my endangerment ring for the church.m as her ring was one my right hand where I would have put my engagement ring.

Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys
Peruga at Woodheys

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